Advice for Foster Care and Residential Provision

The Government have released guidance and advice to foster carers, residential providers, local authorities and others who have safeguarding responsibilities for children and young people. The guidelines have been updated in accordance with the latest rules on gatherings, social distancing and protocols for households who are self isolating.

Additional guidance and advice for those within the fostering and residential sectors can be found using the links below:

Foster Care

Residential Provision

Advice for Parents and Carers of Children and Young People with SEND

The Department For Education are continuing work with local authorities, families and carers of children with SEND. As students return to school, the Government continue to provide new guidance with the aim of ensuring safety for pupils and staff.

Additional information on how to best support children with SEND, any temporary changes to legislation, risk assessments and PPE can be found using the link below:

Guidance on the reopening of schools

Tips for children and parents during lockdown

The COVID-19 has pandemic led to significant changes in our day to day lives, with some restrictive measures still in place. The lockdown and the changes to our normal routine will impact our mental health in different ways, however Young Minds, the children’s mental health charity have put together a number of helpful tips, blogs and articles to help support children during this uncertain time.

The SLCP have also designed COVID-19 myth buster and general advice leaflets. These documents will provide children and young people with added guidance around what the current situation means for them. Both can be accessed using the links below.