In recent weeks the issues of racism, prejudice and other forms of discrimination have been the focus of intense public and media scrutiny. We acknowledge that these conversations can be difficult but understand our responsibility to discuss and address such issues.

We stand in solidarity with our partner boroughs and other stakeholders who share this clear stance. However, we also recognise our duty to speak on these matters to share our commitment, whilst ensuring that our practice reflects our views.

The South London Commissioning Programme has and always will be vocal in our condemnation and rejection of racism, bias, prejudice and other forms of discrimination and hate. Together with our partners, stakeholders and our colleagues, we are passionate about delivering lasting change to the children and young people we support and interact with, as well as the society we live in. This includes empowering children from all cultural backgrounds through active engagement to ensure that their views are embedded into the services we provide.

This pledge, along with our detailed work plan, will ensure equality, diversity and inclusivity continues to be at the heart of the services that we provide on behalf of our partners and for our children and young people.

We are extremely proud to be a diverse team, with different opinions, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. We aim to ensure open forums for challenging conversations of this nature, which will help to improve best practice.

We welcome the willingness and the desire of different organisations to educate, improve and grow in light of the movements that are taking place worldwide. We will work together with our stakeholders to ensure that we continue to contribute to the change within our sector.

This is our pledge and we look forward to achieving it.

Yours Sincerely,

The South London Commissioning Programme

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